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Sunday, August 1, 2010

surf report

day thirteen: got up at 6am and drove north for some offshore winds. the florida curse followed us and of course the waves were 1/3 of the size of yesterday and the wind was sideshore. it was kind of a let down when we pulled up at mermaid beach to waist high, sideshore closeouts. the old saying- "should have been here yesterday," rang loud and clear. however we let the sun come up and the tide come in and the waves actually got really fun. the wind fell off and the tide pushed in giving us waist to chest high beachbreak barrels. we both got some really fun ones, with me floating way down the beach and Tommy holding down the pack of dudes out front. i filmed Tommy's last two waves and are gonna post them soon.
day fourteen: back to normal today with the wind clocking around from the south and the waves at dbah being waist to chest high and offshore. the crystal clear water dropped a few degrees and we caught some uncrowded peaks while the girls laid on the beach. it was not our best session to date, but it was a perfect beach day. we grilled out at kirra beach in the afternoon and enjoyed the warm sun.

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