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Sunday, August 8, 2010

eco Australia

We were all surprised with how "green" Australia is. Our apartment for example has:

-half and full flush options on the toilets
-power switches to the outlets. so you plug something in and then turn on the outlet
-an alarm goes off on the fridge if it stays open too long
-the oven starts to chirp if it's on for more than 30 minutes
-our building has 13 recycling bins in the garage, 1 small dumpster out front and a compost in the back
-all the light bulbs are energy efficient ($12 for 2!)

Everyone dries their clothes outside. Kristen and I are just starting to get used to that. The washing machine and dishwasher have "eco" settings. The sink has a water filter so we haven't had to buy any water bottles.

Hybrid cars have priority parking in most places. They really promote mass transportation. It's cheap, easy to figure out and very clean.

They heavily promote "made in Australia" on everything we buy from Woolworth's. All of the chicken and eggs are free range.

Mikey saw in a magazine that many of the houses for sale are sustainable with solar panels, they have private gardens and rain collectors for their water.

There are tons of public grills along the coast that are free to use. They turn off automatically after a certain amount of time. It's free to park at the beach and the beaches and water are so clean.

We have all adjusted to these changes and are definitely more respectful of our surroundings.


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