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Friday, August 27, 2010

More facts and a video from Australia Zoo

beware of swooping birds, wear helmet or have an umbrella…extreme razor scootering at the beachside skate parks. not a skateboarder to be seen.. we've seen backflips on these things people…bundy rum makes you go wild if consumed..late night shots with kam while we raged around the fire…5.3% for 10 years and get 3 month full pay or 6 month half pay "holidays"; 20 years and it doubles so that means half pay "holidays" year round…"holidays" mean vacation…401k's are compulsory or "mandatory" as well as voting…australians do not generally want any immigration especially from the "island people"…no worries all day every day…grilling on electric plate grills everywhere has taken awhile to adjust to, but we finally got it down.. there are birds chirping extremely loud at all hours of the day except 2-3am…some sounds like babies being beaten, some sound like car alarms, some sound like a fire truck..SO LOUD!!! We have yet to sleep past 5 am on our camping adventures…mikey and I had our first confrontation with an aussie couple, well actually the wife…. their kids were screaming next to our tent from 5-7 am….we exchanged words for 10 minutes and the lady actually told us to tell her kids to be quiet….almost got ugly for a sec.. water is so clear so you can see the sharks coming…the sunshine coast is an untapped jewel.. looks like california in the 60's.. huge cliffs with beautiful views on the water.. not many people and almost 0 condos on the beach..Australia Zoo is Awesome!! A koala does feel like its stuffed animal counterpart..sleeping indoors in not overrated…We are sick of paying $15 for a 6er… We experienced the true byron bay experienced during the drum circle last night……STAY TUNED and enjoy the animals!!…Tommy

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