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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

surf report

day fifteen: no surf today. dbah was about knee to waist+ and clean. we went to the rock pools and the wildlife park instead. beautiful weather again today.
day sixteen: surf started very small again today with dbah about waist high and clean. the air was very cool with the strong south wind. we decided not to surf but to go for a run. after we ran back to dbah, of course, the waves had picked up to chest high and offshore. we ran home and drove back. after all that, the waves were ok, waist to chest high and clean. bow-a ran into his mate occy again and they exchanged megaman faces accordingly.
day seventeen: swell picked up out of the south. snapper was chest to head high on the sets and perfect. some of the best surf we have seen so far. we went and surfed duranbah where there were a lot of waves and a lot of dudes. it was waist to head high with some punchy left and right hand barrels. water was again crystal clear and there was not a cloud in the sky. the girls filmed us for a while, thanks ladies!
day eighteen: surfed dbah this morning. swell is still out of the south with light offshore winds. it dropped some overnight but there were still waist to head high perfect right hand tubes. we both got some really fun ones and the crowd was pretty minimal. it is pretty flat for here, but another great session by our standards.

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