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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 5&6 Camping- Rainbow Beach and Inskip Point

Birds on Inskip Point

Day 5 in the tent! Rainbow Beach and Inskip Point were our next destinations following Agnus Waters. I can tell you that being on the road takes its toll on the car and the passengers. We are having a blast but setting up camp and breaking down every day is a workout in itself. The car is packed to the max. We scrape underneath the car every time we go over a speed bump or ditch.

The Falcon Packed to the MAX!

Rainbow Beach is known for its 72 colors of sand and its breath taking views of the sand cliffs. We thought we would be able to stay in a hostel taking a break from our tents. After checking our our choices we decided 2 sets of bunk beds in one room is not exactly "splurging" for 2 married couples. In the end, we resorted to the inexpensive tent camping. It was a weird camp site barricaded in between a wall and a row of palm trees. It provided a nice private night of camp to get some rest and recuperate from or snorkel adventures. We grilled some snapper for dinner from a Butcher, which was excellent. For breakfast we grilled some ham and eggs. Best breakfast yet!!

Our new friends Kate and Kamron suggested we camp in the National Park at Inskip Point for 5$ a person. Inskip point is located in Rainbow Beach in the Cooloola National Park. We checked it out and he was right! 5$ a person and we could have fires. Cheapest night yet! We found a nice spot where we had a great beach view of Fraser Island. You have to have a 4wd to get to Fraser, so though we could not make it over we were on the point enough to see the barges taking cars over and bring them back.

Fraser Island and the Barge

Rainbow Beach Sandcliffs

We took a nice stroll down the beach where we were able to see the Rainbow Beach Sand cliffs. Beautiful sight! When we returned our sight had been raided by the wild brush turkey. As we chased them away one had a plastic bag of our food around its ankle, one a pie bag on its beak, and they had even punctured a beer in the cooler looking for food. Crazy little things! We learned our lesson about no food out of the car.

Wild Brush Turkey- Watch Out!!

We made our fire and went to sleep early after watching the fire slowly burn and the southern cross light up the sky, Tomorrow we move on,



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