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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goodbye Cooly

We have been on the Gold Coast in Coolangatta for 1 month now and sadly it is time to move on. I am excited for our upcoming adventures, the next being an 8 hour drive north to Agnes waters where we will snorkel the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. We have done so many things already including many of the events you have seen previously on the blog. Here are a few other things that I will take away from our time in Kirra Beach. The eagle above is located on Kirra point in our little town. I always felt that it was watching over us like an angel.

The beautiful Flowers

More Beautiful Flowers

Pink Flowers

Our View from our quiet little porch where we would have our morning coffee and skype those we love!

The Arts and Crafts Festival was located on the Coolangatta Beach Walk that Jenny and I strolled through last Sunday. There was art, jewelry, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables, trinkets, candles of every scent, puppets, bird whistles, fresh lemonade, and many other things. Jenny chose a beaded hummingbird book mark and I a leather beaded woven bracelet. We found this artist that has a piece on the wall in our condo. It was funny because all of us had taken note of it and how we really liked it. He uses pens to make dots that then become a story. I chose the Flight of the Turtle and Jenny chose The Lady in the Cave. They are postcards. The flight of the Turtle he said is an ancient legend that a turtle's shell carries the weight of the world and that they survive for many years to carry their story with them. The Lady in a Cave is about how women are suppressed and how we still need to work on a balance in society. It was fun!

Pancakes in Paradise was a place we had breakfast on one rainy day. We had our eye on this place since arrival. Mikey got "The Works" which was 2 pancakes, bacon(canadian ham not our bacon), 1 fried egg, one fried banana, and 1 grilled pineapple slice with a fried egg inside like a One Eyed Pete. Tommy got the same thing minus the fruit. Jenny got the "small stack" which is 2 pancakes, and I got the belgian waffle. The plates were covered in powered sugar and the portions were HUGE! We skipped lunch that day.

Sunset from the Beach

I will miss Jenny and my 30-40 minute runs along the beach, grocery store missions to Wooly's, $4.50 Toohey's New at the Cooly, skyping the fam from the porch in the morning, our day trips to national parks/beaches in the car, surf checks at D'bah every time we leave the house, Cheap Tuesday at Blockbuster, movie nights, grilling, Kareoke at Hotel Kirra, and most of all having a washer and dryer, dishwasher, coffee pot, and shower. Wish us luck on our road trip! We love having followers and reading your comments, it makes us feel closer to all those we miss.


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  1. thank you for all of the great makes it feel like we are there with you! (and makes me want to be in Australia, too!) Safe travels!