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Monday, August 2, 2010

Currumbin Rock Pools, Wild Life Sanctuary, and Chips

Currumbin Rock Pools

We have been waiting for the perfect day to take our tour through the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We woke up early Monday morning to 65 degree weather and sunshine and knew that the day held promise. We took a drive into Currumbin Valley to swim in the rock pools and take a hike before our 3pm half price admission with australia's wildlife.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Lace Monitor
The Lace monitor was one of the many iguana like creatures we saw in Currumbin. It was in the Venemous snake arena and you could say we spent the least amount of time here.

Sulfer Cockatoo
Gandolf was this cockatoo's name. He arrived at the sanctuary injured and upon healing him they found a tumor on its wing. The wing had to be amputated and he now greets all the guests at the entrance. They live for 100 years!

Short-Beaked Echidna
The Short- Beaked Echidna was the most peculiar animal of the day. It seemed to enjoy roaming around its bed aimlessly only stopping momentarily to climb on a log and then get right back off. Mikey and I spent our last 20 minutes trying to capture a picture that was not blurry of this hyper porcupine look a like.

The wombat was Mikey's favorite animal of the day. When I asked him why he said because it looked looked like a furry pig and was eating and pooping at the same time. The wombat is curious like the american Racoon.

Tasmanian Devil
The Tasmanian Devil is located only on the island of Tasmania.

The australian crocodile peered up at us from its swamp home at Currumbin and while this one is rather small we got to see one that was 3 meters long. The croc made the american alligator seem friendly!


Upon entering the park at 3 we ran with excitement over to the Kangaroo farm for the 3:15pm feeding. There were kangaroos everywhere; male, female, sleeping, eating, carrying babies in the pouch, and hopping. I was overwhelmed!

The kaolas were by far the cutest animals lounging in the trees. They are quite sleepy and lazy but interesting to watch as they nibble on the trees and even jump from one tree to another to acquire more food.

Tree Kangaroos

The tree kangaroos were polar opposite than the other kangaroos. They were smaller, less movement, live up in trees, and had thicker smoother coats of hair. Interesting that they are related!

We saw many other of australia's one of a kind wildlife including wedged tailed eagles, australian dingos, lorikeets, many species of birds, and the rock wallaby.


As fuel to keep up energy for our adventures, chips seem to fill our woolworth's grocery cart. They come in a variety of flavors including salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, sour cream and chive, thai chilli, barbecue, honey mustard and onion, light and tangy, barbecue ribs, and chicken. We have tried them all! Don't worry we do get other things with some nutrients but when you are on the traveling budget these chips are a great snack!


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  1. Really enjoying the blogs! Great pics!
    It looks really beautiful there.
    Love you guys.

    Joby and Dayna