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Friday, July 30, 2010

surf report

day eleven: we surfed snapper rocks for the first time this morning. the weather was still terrible early but the waves were really fun. it was overhead 0n the sets and running for 100 yards. we both got some great waves but no real barrels. world champ mick fanning was out and i stood up and fell down instantly a few yards from him, i think he was impressed. we had a great afternoon in the national park, see below....
day twelve: got to the point about 7 am, we were already a little too late. the waves were by far the best of the trip, even with the light sideshore winds. i got my best barrel so far on my first wave and pretty much ran right over Tommy, he is an excellent duck-diver. Bower also locked into his best barrel of the trip with a perfect blue tube at the beginning of the greenmount section of the point. gonna try and go north in the morning chasing offshore winds.

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