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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stories from the guys side of things...

Just wanted to share some stories with all of you who are keeping up with us and want some entertainment. Here are a couple fun facts and short stories:

1. Mikey and I got our first official oz barrels this morning at d'bah. It was fun and looks like it should be super good manana and through the weekend.
2. Got in touch with Worm who almost got taken out by a sea snake yesterday.
3. Met up with Kane and was introduced to some locals. Found out that at anytime of day you can get a breathalyzer test. His buddy Alex got pulled over at 10am on tuesday and got a test! 1 beer and you're 3 times over the limit! Yeah, crazy!!!! No roadies that's for sure!
4. Minimum wage is $18/hr!
5. Pack of cigs are $15 and both tobacco and alcohol go up in price 2 times per year indefinitely!
6. Driving on the left side of the road is harder than first imagined!
7. It doesn't really seem like anyone works and Rob at Rent a Bomb said, "yeah mate if you wanna get a job, its no worries. Some days I feel like working so I go get a job for a couple hours, other days I just relax!"
8. The weather is AWESOME! Glad we're not melting in Florida! Water is probably 68 and crystal clear. Saw some sort of sea bird swimming this morning and got a bit scared.. Just waiting for my first Great White encounter!
9. Everything seems to be abbreviated or end in some fashion of ey or ie.. like Brekky (breakfast), Brizzie (City of Brisbane), Shories (shorebreak).
10. There are lots of American knock offs. Australia's next top model, Ironchef is Masterchef, the political race is going on right now and its titled, "Yes we Canberra!", Huggies are called Snugglers.
11. It is not advised to go out at night because it gets soo crazy with drunk people fighting.
12. There are boxes in the public bathrooms to dispose of used syringes!
13. People here are the nicest people I have ever met! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. At anytime they will randomly help you or suggest things and point you in the right direction.
14. Buying a car is hard because none of us know anything about cars. My father in law thankfully knows a little about cars (ha!) so we can just skype with him on the road and show him the engine if needed!
15. There are a lot of white people with dreads and there is a story that Kristen's friend actually saw one hippie carrying the other hippies dreads because they were so long!

Ok, enough for now but more to come soon...



  1. What's up with ole worm? Have you made it to nimbin yet? Just had our first hurri swell, a bit of sum melby mush. Mikey, tried to add you and kristen's skype, lmk when your on.

  2. hahahaha! Great post! Sounds like a wonderful adventure :) XO

  3. Breeze were on skype. Michaelsullivan ( and search by jenny's email at to chat with her and Bower!

    Melb mush sounds familiar. We've been surfin cambaresk peaks at ole debby. nothing epic but fun. check the video to get a look.