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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A sweet end to Lennox!

So the waves were epic all September and we scored the swell of the season at Lennox. Supposedly the banks were the best in 4 years per the locals. The entry and exit to the break was a line of rocks with barnacles and you had to time it right or get trashed. Between the songs of the video you can see Mikey barely making it before getting in. Well, not so much for me. I got tossed and trashed like a rag doll all over the rocks and left a good amount of flesh at that awesome break. I was right behind Mikey trying to get in that day, but I didn't have the fortune of timing the set and just got BLASTED. As I'm rolling over the rocks getting thrashed I luckily had my surfboard in my left hand out of the water so it wouldn't break. These two girls were filming me for probably 15 mins trying to get in. It could possibly be the funniest video of 2010. Unless you've surfed there you don't truly understand the terror in your eyes once you realize you're too committed, a sets about to smash you, and all you can do is brace for it. All in all it was totally worth it. Enjoy!!

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