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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving South- Boodi Boodi National Park

Boodi Boodi National Park

We have been so busy on this road trip! I want to update the blog every second because there is so much we are doing and seeing.

After leaving Dorrigo we stopped off for a night in Port Macquarie, another harbor city on the east coast. It was a smaller Coffs harbor without the "Big Banana"!! We found a nice caravan park south of the city at Lighthouse Beach where we could digest our Dorrigo experience.

We woke early the next morning for our drive to Boodi Boodi National Park. A National Park with the ocean on one side and lakes on the other making it a unique spot. We found our campsite at Elizabeth Beach near famous Boomerang Beach

where the guys got to surf! Jenny and I took a nice hike through the headland and were quite enjoying it until we realized that it led us to a nude beach! Whoops. We definitely hiked out faster than we hiked in.

After a good nights sleep in our quiet caravan park we packed the Falcon once again and headed out early to sightsee more in this area. Our first sight was Smith's Lake , which is part of Myall Lakes National Park bordering Boodi Boodi. We then ventured to Seal Rocks which offered views of a lifetime. We also took the 300m walk up to Sugarloaf Lighthouse

overlooking seal rocks. The lighthouse was built because so many boats were unable to see the large rocks, Seal Rocks,

that lie scattered along the coast.

This lighthouse was laid out much different than our Byron Bay Lighthouse. It was much smaller and I found it more interesting and intricate in its build. It used to house numerous of the lighthouse employs and even had a school and a kitchen. Those buildings are still there but are now cottages that can be rented for $2000 a week. A little out of our budget!

Well, we are on our way again! Out of the woods of the national park and to Newcastle, New South Wales 2nd largest city!!



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