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Monday, September 13, 2010

More Market Memories

More Market Memories

As Jenny mentioned below the markets have been something we have really enjoyed doing. They are a great way to get involved with the community and get some exercise. The Byron Bay Market is one of the biggest and most festive with live music from several booths, 5 long lanes of tents, and about 20 tents of food along the perimeter.

Clothes and jewelry are the most common items. Speaking of jewelry, Mikey finally found a wedding band that he could wear while we are over here. It is a 3$ coconut shell band and he claims he likes it better than his real one back home because it is lighter. I told him that he can forget the idea that this would be his ring forever! (nice try though ) This ring is much better than the Mood ring he tried the first week we were in Australia that turned his finger black. We figured that cannot be good for the skin.

Mikey also came across a Byron Bay Holistic Chiropractic tent that looked interesting since his back has been bothering him with all the surfing he has been doing. The chiropractor ended up being from Cocoa Beach Florida, small world! We have found that Byron Bay has had the most Americans we have seen on the trip so far. Anyways, so after some discussion with the man, Mikey decides he is going to get an adjustment and that we would walk around and come back in about 15 minutes. When we returned he looked to be in deep conversation with the man. Mikey comes out and has all these reading materials on a bion pendant and a pearl. The chiropractor did tests on Mikey and confirmed that a pearl inside the Bion pendant around a chain would help keep him balanced and keep stress away from him. He got more than his money worth!! He told the man he was not going to buy that today but that he would think about it. I guess I will have to invest in this pearl necklace for him sometime in our life!

So Mikey had quite the successful day at the market and we all had a great time browsing the booths. The most interesting booth had to be this guy carving out coins. He took a hand saw and was carving out the inside of coins to make different shapes and animals inside of them. Pretty tedious task and an interesting character. See the picture below.

A 2$ bag of tangerines was our only food purchase though the crepes,garlic bbq prawns with corn on the cob, seafood paella, sugar cane juice, and more looked and smelled so enticing. We practiced self control and went home to our ham sandwiches and array of chips!

The Lennox Market was this past Sunday in Lennox Head where we now reside. Jenny and I cased this one out as the boys surfed. This market was set up along Lake Ainsworth which made for a beautiful scenic walk. This lake is surrounded by tea tree leaves which give the lake is tea color. Swimming in this lake is good for the skin! We will have to take the guys back and all give it a go(australian lingo:) ) Some of the vendors from last weeks Byron market were here along with some new faces. We ended up getting an organic doughnut which was AMAZING!!! The guys were happy with this purchase as well.

We are enjoying our stay here in Lennox. We hiked Lennox Head and Mt Warning, the tallest peak in the east, so all of our legs are killing us! We will post more details about the these adventures soon!



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