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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bye to Byron & Our First Snake Encounter

We really enjoyed our 2 weeks in Byron Bay and the luxuries of having beds, tv, couch, fridge and our own bathroom!  There is always something to do there and people watching opportunities down every street.  We saw a drum circle, lots of dreads and people living in campervans. 

Kristen and I went to the farmer's market and we all went to the Byron Bay monthly market.  All of the produce is organic and almost all of the people are barefoot.  We exercised up and around the lighthouse several times and saw lots of whales & dolphins. 

Lennox is just a little south and we have already experienced a lot here (which we will definitely tell you about and put pictures up).  We walked up the beach on our second day to see the view from Lennox Head.

As we're walking through a trail Kristen heard a slithering and we both looked down and saw a yellow and black snake through the grass.  Literally inches away from our feet.  Mikey and Tommy ran over and caught a glimpse as it moved past.  We were all in flip flops and looked the snake up when we got home and it's venomous!  Here are the guys looking at it.

Info on the snake:

The Eastern tiger Snake, Notechis scutatus, is an elapid from South Eastern Australia. It has a highly toxic venom and until recently held the record for most Australian snakebite fatalities (now overtaken by the Eastern Brown Snake, Pseudonaja textilis).

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