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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mikey 30th Birthday and More!

Mikey Turns 30, Narrabeen Sunsets, French Crepes, and Ku-ring- ai Chase National Park

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Happy Birthday Mikey!! 30th birthday. A huge milestone and what a great place to spend it! Thank you for all of you who put your vote in on what we should do for the big day. His birthday was a Monday night so we all had to work the next day so we couldn't go to big. The pub was 1st place but a nice dinner was second and that is what we ended up doing. We walked down to Lake Side Thai right on Narrabeen Lake and had nice dinner with the two of us and our roommate Nathan. If you know MIkey you know he loves his THAI!!! All the other things that were on the poll are all things we really want to do and will do so don't worry! It will all be done. If you know Mikey you also know he hates to make a big deal about birthday's and anniversaries so I think he was happy that it was a Monday and we only have a few friends because it ended up being low key which was just the way he would have wanted it. It was quality time. The following Friday we did go out with our two friends across the street that definitely wanted to celebrate the big day but had to work. We had a good time.

Narrabeen Rainbow and Sunsets
Narrabeen has really offered up some beautiful sunsets I would like to share with you. Along with the colors there always seems to be this rainbow that happens often and in the same place. It is so pretty and comforting since it is been there lot and always in the same place. I call it the Narrabeen Rainbow. Not to much to say about these lovely moments just enjoy the pictures:)

French Crepes and Foie Gras

Nathan's French Crepes have been one of our favorite past times since we have been over here. And every time he makes them we have a French lesson and usually some chamapgne!! I think we are improving(on the French). Nathan makes the mix and then he pan sears it and puts grated cheese, ham, and the yolk of an egg in what he calls the "salt ones." And of course we have to have what he calls the "sweet one" foliowing the salt one. This consists of adding vanilla sugar to the batter and then pan searing it and adding nutella. SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! We have had them twice now and on a Sunday. I told him that we should start have crepe Sunday. He said that is fine if I want to make them!!! He has that wonderful French very frank since of humor. We also had the chance to try his Grandmothers Foie Gras that she sent him over for Christmas. She makes it herself and cans it and what a treat that he shared it with us! Speaking of Nathan we have sad news:( He will be heading home to France in 2 1/2 weeks. He has been here 4 months now in Australia working very hard but is ready to see his family. We completely understand and will miss him terribly. We have really grown to be friends and we all appreciate each others company. We wish him the best always and look forward to his coming to America and visiting us in Florida and us making our way to France someday soon.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Mikey and I finally made it to Sydney's National Park. Ku-ring- gai Chase National Park, which is located 10 minutes north west of us. We took a picnic that we ate at Duck Pond and then drove up for a 20 minute hike to a beautiful lookout over Akuna Bay, the national Park, and in the distance Palm Beach Lighthouse. We were the only ones out on this rock ledge and it was very peaceful and exactly what we needed. Some peace and quiet and time together to reflect on this New Year and all we have done and want to do. We have both been picking up at our works for January which is very exciting. Sydney Dance Company also reopened after the holiday break and I went on Saturday and took Intermediate Ballet from 10-11:30 and Intermediate Contemporary from 11:30-1. It was awesome and felt amazing. Except that I have been sore since Saturday(today is Tuesday) The waves have picked up so Mikey has been surfing every day at lunch and every night after work. We also had the World Juniors Surf Contest right down on our beach at North Narrabeen and we got to see some of that which was cool. The Australian open tennis has been on tv every night so that has been exciting to follow since we can't watch the playoffs:(

Miss and Love everyone as always.

Mikey and Kristen

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